Greetings, I'm Sir Albert.

Do you want to provide your children with the best help available? I can assist you with that!

Whenever your child has a question about a specific topic, I will find an expert to talk to.

I will do this in an anonymous and secure way, so you don’t have to think about their safety.

Imagine me like a Uber for tutoring.

Just Ask Amazon Alexa

Knows (almost) everything.

Through our experts network, we are able to provide you an answer to (almost) any topic. Each of our experts is knowledgeable about a very specific topic, for example: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Politics, Law etc..



Whether your child is a young kid or a high school student: We only have appropriate content. Furthermore Sir Albert and our Einsteins always try to give answers adequate to the age of your kid.


We tested Sir Albert with several parents. They were surprised how even they learned new things in a fun way. The idea of connecting their kid with experts all around the world was in the beginning strange, but as Sir Albert handles everything anonymous, they were curious about the possibilities, which are opened up by that.

Sir Albert builds on: